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On 28 August 2020, the Nordex Group installed the first of 114 turbines for the Nysäter project in Sweden after completion of the necessary infrastructure work.
At the end of 2018, the Group received a contract for the turnkey construction of 104 N149/4.0-4.5 turbines and 10 N131/3900 turbines from RWE Renewables, consisting of two separate sites "Hästkullen" and "Björnlandhöjden" and including civil and electrical infrastructure works. The Nysäter project is being constructed across a large area of mainly forested land in county Västernorrland, central Sweden. The sites are characterized by average wind speeds of between 7.5 and 8.0 meters per second. Since the wind conditions and the complex topography within the site are very different, the N149/4.0-4.5 turbines have been configured using various tower heights and operational modes.
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