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Duke-American Transmission Co. (DATC )has released its first set of transmission projects that include seven new transmission line projects in five Midwestern states (Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio). These projects will fill gaps in the existing transmission grid, improve electric system reliability and market efficiency, provide economic benefits to local utilities and enable increased delivery of high-quality renewable resources.

The DATC projects include more than 1,300 circuit miles of 345-kilovolt lines and 550 miles of 500-kV high-voltage direct-current lines. The individual projects range from 65 to 696 miles and have a total cost of approximately US$ 4 billion. The company will commence meetings with the local utilities, regulators, public officials and agencies in the five states in which the projects are proposed, as well as with federal and regional energy regulators. The projects would be constructed in phases over the next 10 years, with certain projects serving as prerequisites for others.
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