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DNV is supporting Elia Transmission Belgium as the construction tender for the energy island opens. Elia’s energy island, which will handle up to 3.5GW of offshore wind power, will have a seabed footprint of a maximum of 25 hectares and at the surface around 7 hectares in waters about 18 meters deep.
It will collect high-voltage AC power electrons from wind farms, transform it partly to 220kv and to DC electricity and then export it to the mainland of Belgium and countries such as Denmark and the UK through subsea cables. Completion of the island is expected mid-2026. From 2026-2027, Elia will start the construction of the electrical infrastructure to connect offshore wind and allow for DC interconnectors. DNV from the Danish office is undertaking independent assessment of the island’s design, providing Elia with guidance on any improvements required to minimize risk throughout its construction and operation through a combination of workshops and continuous assurance reviews.
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