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Catch the Wind has announced that its exclusive licensing partner, AXYS Technologies, has sold a WindSentinel buoy, a custom marine floating platform bundled with a Vindicator Laser Wind Sensor (LWS) unit,  to Fishermen’s Energy LLC and the Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center (MAREC) of Grand Valley University.

Fishermen's Energy will use the WindSentinel buoy for wind resource assessment purposes as part of its efforts to build one of North America's first offshore wind farm. The buoy will be deployed close to an onshore meteorological tower for a period of time to confirm the data quality prior to the final deployment at the site of Fishermen’s planned 66 turbine wind farm in federal waters 12 miles off the coast of Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA. The buoy will collect data not only for wind resource assessment, but will also acquire a full range of environmental and weather data, including avian activity. MAREC will use the WindSentinel buoy to conduct a comprehensive Great Lakes wind assessment review and related environmental studies on Lake Michigan.
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