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The installation of the strings of cables connecting the wind turbines to the offshore substations at the Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm is now complete.

A total of 56 kilometres of cables, known as infield cables, have been installed by contractor Visser & Smit using the 86 metres vessel Team Oman, which has been working on and off at the wind farm site in the Greater Wash for 18 months. The wind farm, operated by Scira Offshore Energy, has 36 of its 88 turbines in place and is scheduled for completion in late summer 2012. Although all the infield cables have been laid, Visser & Smit has one final task, which is to trench the cable into the seabed to ensure it is protected from fishing gear, vessel anchors and other potential hazards. The 87 metres Toisa Warrior will continue to out the cable burial work, with completion expected to be by this summer.
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