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Broad Reach Power, an energy storage independent power producer (IPP) based in Houston, has announced that it will build 15 utility-scale battery storage plant sites in areas near Houston and Odessa by the end of 2020. Six sites are expected to be online and operating this summer, and it is anticipated that the others will be under construction this fall. Each site will contain battery systems capable of storing and distributing up to 10MW of power.
In addition to making the grid more resilient, these storage projects also provide utilities and grid operators with more options to bring the grid back online after an emergency such as a hurricane or tropical storm. They are emission-free, do not use scarce water resources, and are both small as well as modular so they can be constructed near customers with minimal intrusion. Each site is being developed using local civil and electrical engineers, surveyors, civil contractors, electrical contractors, and project managers. 
Broad Reach Power owns a 3GW portfolio of utility scale solar and energy storage power projects in Montana, Wyoming, California, Utah and Texas.
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