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AWS Truepower has been selected to collaborate on the Carolinas Offshore Wind Integration Case Study with Duke Energy, ABB Inc., National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (UNC).

The project is funded by the Department of Energy and designed to gain valuable knowledge about the benefits and challenges associated with developing offshore wind generation facilities in the waters off the coasts of North and South Carolina. AWS Truepower’s primary role is to create wind generation profiles for hypothetical offshore wind farms. This will be accomplished through the firm’s proprietary site selection algorithm which selects likely locations for offshore wind farm development and simulates the potential project build out. The selection process will build on work previously performed by UNC. The firm’s numerical weather prediction models will then be used to simulate multiple years of wind and weather profiles which will be converted into energy output profiles at each simulated offshore site.The study will help quantify the likely impact to consumers from necessary operational changes and system upgrades to integrate offshore wind energy. It also provides a unique opportunity to demonstrate how offshore wind can enable a region with relatively poor onshore resources, like the Carolinas, meet their renewable portfolio standards (RPS).
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