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The Bundesnetzagentur has announced the results of the first auction for offshore wind energy using the central model, which closed for bids on 1 September 2021. Three sites with a combined volume of 958MW were up for auction. Two of them, known as N-3.7 and N-3.8, are located in the North Sea and the third, O-1.3, is in the Baltic Sea.
RWE Renewables Offshore Development Two GmbH was the successful bidder for N-3.7, which has a capacity of 225 MW. EDF Offshore Nordsee 3.8 GmbH was the successful bidder for N-3.8, which has a capacity of 433 MW, and RWE Renewables Offshore Development One GmbH was the successful bidder for O-1.3, which has a capacity of 300 MW. The award value for all three sites is 0 ct/kWh.
The sites N-3.8 and O-1.3 are both subject to a right of subrogation by the project developers that originally planned offshore wind farms there. The developers have the right to subrogate the award. Nordsee Two GmbH is the owner of the right of subrogation for N-3.8, while Windanker GmbH has the right for O-1.3. They have until 2 November 2021 to exercise their rights.
Several bids with a value of 0 ct/kWh were submitted for the N-3.8 and O-1.3 sites. The Bundesnetzagentur therefore drew lots, as foreseen by law, to decide which bidder would be successful.
The awards include the right to grid connection – financed by electricity consumers through the network charges – and the possibility to operate the offshore wind farms for 25 years. The successful bidders also receive the right to apply for planning approval to construct an offshore wind farm on the site from the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH). The offshore wind farms are expected to go into operation in 2026.
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