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Romo Wind together with Vattenfall carried out a performance measurement project at Nørrekær Enge wind farm in Denmark using 13 Siemens 2.3MW turbines. The goal was to compare the power curve measurement results of an IEC-compliant met mast, a nacelle LiDAR, and the iSpin spinner anemometer.

The results show that the iSpin technology enables reliable and replicable wind turbine performance measurements on all turbines in the wind farm. The results of the study show that:

  • The difference between iSpin and met mast AEP measurements was only 0.4%.
  • The total variation in AEP among the turbines was within 2.1%
  • Removing outliers due to curtailment, yaw misalignment and differing installation, the remaining 9 turbines were operating within only 0.3% of AEP to each other
  • The scatter of power curves measured by the spinner anemometer is significantly less than the scatter of the met mast and LiDAR measurements, as the iSpin measurements are undisturbed by terrain effects and wakes from other turbines in the wind farm.

The raw measurement data is available in an online data sharing portal and interested experts are invited to analyse and confirm all data and results.

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