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Envision Energy has announced that it participates in a consortium which aims to install a superconductive generator on one of its wind turbines. The consortium is composed of members from the industry and science. The product named EcoSwing generator is designed for a +3MW class direct drive turbine.

The EcoSwing generator is thought to be the first superconductive generator designed for a wind turbine and promises a step change in generator development. The key advantage of the EcoSwing generator is a weight saving of more than 40% compared to conventional direct drive generators. For the entire nacelle this results in 25% less weight. A particularly welcomed side effect is that the EcoSwing technology dramatically reduces rare-earth material reliance. EcoSwing addresses multidisciplinary aspects of research and development and will advance industrial superconductivity, cryogenics, and power conversion. To address technology implementation, the consortium will carry-out risk studies and assess regulatory aspects. After thorough ground-based testing in a certified laboratory the EcoSwing generator is planned to operate for over one year on a large scale modern wind turbine in Denmark.

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