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ICONICS has announced both an expanded Wind AnalytiX software solution and a new Automatic 3D Terrain Elevation Drawing feature for EarthWorX v10.85.

ICONICS Wind AnalytiX offers integration of renewable energy and meter data sources into one unified platform with real-time monitoring, a powerful data historian, distributed alarm management and notification and insightful analytics. It quickly turns large amounts of real-time and historical data into valuable information and monitors renewables' Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE). Also included as part of the Wind AnalytiX suite is EarthWorX, ICONICS’ GEO SCADA solution, provides real-time visualisation to widely dispersed assets, such as wind farms, through GENESIS64’s integration with Esri Maps, enhanced Microsoft Bing maps or Google maps. The newest EarthWorX feature, Automatic 3D Terrain Elevation Drawing, gives users the ability to select any area of a 2D map and automatically convert it to a 3D terrain in GraphWorX64.

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