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In cooperation with the paint manufacturer, Colorvision, Hamburg, Deutsche Windtechnik has developed a special coating for rotor blades.

The abrasion resistance of the Leading Edge Protector (LEP) required has been tested and confirmed at the test laboratory of the Institute for Lacquers and Paints, ILF, Magdeburg by means of a high-pressure water-jet test; all test items completed the test run without any resultant surface defects. Initial application tests were conducted under real conditions on rotor blades in a wind farm in Germany (onshore) in 2012. After one year there was no sign of any abrasion or similar damage. These tests were followed by UV tests and adhesion tests in the lab without any negative findings. In May 2014, lab tests conducted in rel. humidity of over 90% confirmed that the LEP could be applied in a wide range of temperatures with a high level of air humidity.

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