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Maxwell Technologies Inc. is introducing a 75-volt BOOSTCAP ultracapacitor module to provide a scaleable, cost-effective, low-maintenance solution to meet the backup power and power quality requirements of wind turbines and other renewable energy generation and industrial equipment applications.

Maxwell developed the new module, which will be generally available early in the fourth quarter, in response to market demand for an easy-to-integrate energy storage building block for a variety of electrical system functions, including:
  • Backup power for orderly shutdown of wind turbine blade pitch mechanisms and automated manufacturing equipment;
  • Buffering to enhance the consistency of wind, solar and wave power input into the utility grid;
  • Low-maintenance alternative to batteries for short-term bridge power for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).
The latest addition to the BOOTSCAP module product line is based on Maxwell's standard 3,000-farad Energy cell. The module is enclosed in a rugged, splash- and dust-resistant enclosure designed to ensure safe, reliable operation in harsh temperature, humidity and vibration conditions.? The new BMOD0094 EO75 B02 75-volt module features an IP54 dust and water spray resistant design, is SAEJ 2383 vibration test compliant and includes an integrated temperature sensor to enable remote monitoring.
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