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Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) has announced that it will launch a centralised wind forecasting service on behalf of wind generators, expected to start in 2010.
Centralised wind forecasting will provide a number of benefits by:
  • Improving forecast accuracy and consistency to further enhance system reliability
  • Supporting the expansion of wind generation within distribution service areas
  • Reducing the administrative burden on wind generators
The IESO has also developed other initiatives to support the integration of wind energy into the provincial supply mix, including:
  • Enhancing the IESO's forecast methods to account for wind output's higher performance during winter and shoulder seasons, when wind tends to be stronger
  • Pursuing new opportunities to refine existing reliability procedures and processes
  • Introducing a web-based IESO Wind Tracker that graphically displays hourly wind output from the province's large-scale wind farms
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