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Helukabel has introduced ten cables for the wind industry market, with five using copper as a conductor material and five using aluminum.

Cables in the wind turbine’s nacelle place extreme torsional stress on power cables. Helukabel understands this and has added four cables – Heluwind WK 110-Torsion, Heluwind WK 110-Torsion Multi, Heluwind WK MS-Single-Torsion 610, Heluwind WK MS Single-310-Torsion – to its torsion cable portfolio. These cables have been rigorously tested in Helukabel’s wind turbine test simulator for up to 15,000 torsion cycles. A power cable for vertical lifts/elevators - Heluwind WK Lift – in wind turbines has also been added to aid in climbing up tower walls and accessing the nacelle. Aluminum cables and wires are gaining popularity for their reduced weight (70 per cent lighter than copper) and their ability to perform comparably to their copper counterparts with only a minimal size increase to the cable or wire’s diameter. Helukabel has expanded its aluminum cable offering for the wind sector with five additional single and multi-conductor power cables – Heluwind WK Powerline Alu MS-Single, Heluwind WK Powerline Alu Single, Heluwind WK Powerline Alu Multicore, Aluminum MV-90 & MV-105. To ensure that its latest cables can connect to other wind turbine subsystems, the connection technology product range was expanded with additional aluminum and aluminum/copper hybrid compression terminal pins, shear bolt connectors and lugs, junction boxes and cable connectors.

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