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SeaRenergyOAVThe 72 metres vessel was developed in accordance with ship design focusing on minimisation of losses during operation but still with a cost efficient propulsion arrangement with low fuel consumption and maintenance cost.

The shape of the vessel is designed to reduce motions and increase comfort for technicians in order to mitigate risk of sea sickness and weather downtime, especially in the harsh conditions of the North Sea. It accommodates up to 60 persons in comfortable single cabins, embedded in a true passenger ship class vessel including two day rooms, auditorium and a fitness room. The vessel is able to stay on location for several weeks offering more working time and less time in transit. The motion compensated gangway, which is accessible directly from the elevator grants direct access to wind turbines and offshore platforms in significant wave heights of up to 2.5 metres, arranged for workability at water levels of +/- 4.0 metres around MSL. With the cargo transfer system, a barrier-free handling of spare parts and components of is possible up to 300 kilogram without using a crane. Moreover, the vessel is equipped with a daughter craft in its own hangar at the stern. The daughter craft shall be utilised as a second way of access to the boat landing of offshore structures.

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