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GE Vernova’s Digital business has announced the release of Fleet Orchestration, a new software solution designed to help power utilities successfully maximize the use of renewable energy.
Fleet Orchestration is an energy solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) and modeling. Designed for vertically integrated utilities—those that generate, transmit, and distribute power—it allows for the seamless incorporation of renewables with existing assets. The software has several key features, including its Performance Predictions and Unit Commitment Optimizer modules. The module automates these predictions for various time intervals ranging from 15 minutes to weekly for each unit, block, and plant within the fleet.
The new Unit Commitment Optimizer uses a stochastic model to provide probabilistic insights for planning, as well as real-time recommendations when conditions change, on how to best navigate the uncertainty of matching generation and demand. These recommendations help with setting appropriate reserve margins and maximizing the use of renewables while still preserving reliability.
Fleet Orchestration can be integrated with GE Vernova’s GridOS Advanced Energy Management System (AEMS).
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