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A new version 3.5 of the windPRO software has just been released by EMD International. The new windPRO V3.5 includes a lot of new features, e.g. blockage models and updated Eddy Viscosity model with Deep Array Correction (DAC) model in the PARK module, grid curtailment in the PARK module, evaluation of lifetime extension potential in the Load Response module, new calculation methods in the Solar PV module including tracking and bifacial, a new SketchUp integration module and updated German TR10 revision 2 calculation features.
Version 3.5 also introduces a new Hybrid module making it possible to combine a storage with time varying wind, solar and prices together with investments, based on the new cost functions, to calculate the financial feasibility of a hybrid power plant. In the windPRO online data services, users now also have access to free download of the EMD-GASP (Global Atlas of Siting Parameters) data set with the necessary parameters for wind turbine siting purposes. This includes wind resource, turbulence, inflow-angles, structural load indices and IEC turbine classes.
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