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November saw the anniversary of their fifth year with no gearbox failures. For both the D8 series and the D6 1250 series of turbines it has not been necessary to fix or replace a gearbox. A total of 103 units of D6 1250 turbines and 39 units of D8 series turbines have been installed. 100% gearbox reliability has been achieved from the first D8 2000 (no. 1) installed March 2002 to the present. This achievement has been recognised by the insurance brokers Gerd Augustin GmbH and Power Solutions GmbH. The DeWind D8 and D6 series are some of the few wind turbines to have obtained 100% gearbox reliability. EU Energy Wind is confident that they will maintain this success and their record for reliability will continue in the new D8.2 turbine.
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