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The Front Cover

Saphon Energy, a cleantech start-up based in Tunisia, has designed and developed a breakthrough technology that might revolutionise the wind energy sector. The new wind converter, named the Saphonian, is radically different from conventional turbines and is largely inspired from sailing boats. On page 7 you can read the full article about this new design.

Publisher's Note


The Saphonian
By Anis Aouini and Hassine Labaied, Co-founders of Saphon Energy, Tunisia

Removing Obstacles to Wind Farm Development
By David Crisp, CEO, Aveillant, UK

By Andy Oldroyd, Technical Director and Co-founder, Oldbaum Services, UK

Five Drivers to Cheaper Energy
By Jussi Vanhanen, Director, Sales and Marketing, The Switch, Finland

Column Nimbyism

The Role of US Subsidies in the Wind Energy Market
By Tiff Thompson, Principal, NIMBY Consulting, USA

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