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The very first practical use of wind lidar by ZephIR occurred in 2003, with the system deployed on a Nordex turbine performing measurements upwind from the nacelle. In order to verify its performance claims, ZephIR Lidar embarked on a ten-year research programme to illustrate the performance attributes when compared to more traditional techniques, such as tall meteorological (met) masts and even wind tunnels used to calibrate cup anemometers themselves. Ten years on, and ZephIR’s continuous-wave (CW) lidar technology continues to be developed and is now gaining increasing acceptance in its original application of optimising wind turbine generator performance.

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ZephIR Dual Mode
By Alex Woodward, Head of Marketing, and Michael Harris, Chief Scientist, ZephIR Ltd, UK

The Costs of Poor Wind Measurement
By Cornelia Haaß-Ropeter and Johannes Lange Ge:Net, and Martin Kolbe, Anemos GmbH, Germany

Renewable Power to the People
By Mike J. Fritz, USA


Wind Power Developments in Southeast Asia
By Joost Siteur, Asia Representative, Windtech International

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