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The Front Cover

The Cleveland State University (CSU) wind tower system design concept focuses on the use of cylindrical wind-deflecting structures to increase wind speed as the stream of wind approaches the turbines. The image on the frontcover shows a picture of the first fully functional proposed wind tower, fabricated and installed on the rooftop of the Planet Service Building located on the CSU campus. On page 7 you are able to read the full article.

Publisher's Note


A Wind Tower System for Low Wind Speed Regions
By Dr Majid Rashidi, Cleveland State University (CSU), USA

The SpiDAR Wind Measurement Technique
By Nathan Sela PhD, co-founder and VP of R&D, Pentalum Technologies, Israel

Weather Model to Optimise offshore Wind Plans
By Andrew Myers, Associate Director of Communications, Stanford University School of Engineering, USA

Atmospheric Icing

By Mahmoud Etemaddar, PhD candidate, Institute of Marine Technology, NTNU, Norway

Column Nimbyism

Wind Turbine Lighting and the Advent of Activation Detection Systems
By Tiff Thompson, Principal, NIMBY Consulting, USA


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