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The emerging airborne wind sector continues to grow as small companies around the globe edge closer to commercialising innovative technologies. Boston-based Altaeros is set to demonstrate its technology in Alaska in 2015. The US$ 1.3 million demonstration is partially financed by the Alaska Energy Authority and will run for 18 months. The project is currently being permitted for a site south of Fairbanks. Throughout the winter of 2012, the Altaeros team demonstrated its BAT Concept Prototype in Maine.

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New vision previewed in Las Vegas for the US wind industry


Optimising Offshore Wind Farms and Clusters
By Arno Brand, ECN, The Netherlands

Reaching Higher with Altaeros Energies
By Ryan Holy, Manager, Business Development, Altaeros Energies, USA

Urban Wind Resource Assessment
By Amir Bashirzadeh Tabrizi, Murdoch University, Australia

The Digitally Enabled Grid
By Ciro Scognamiglio, NEC Italy, Italy


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By Arno Brand, ECN, The Netherlands

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