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Wind turbine performance is constantly improving. With this trend comes ever higher hub heights. Turbines with capacities above 4MW will become the norm even for onshore sites. To effectively meet these challenges, innovative solutions from manufacturers are needed. Tower concepts such as the hybrid tower, which combines precast concrete parts and steel elements, are opening up new technical possibilities.

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EU votes yes to long-term binding target for renewables


Reaching Higher Hub Heights With the Hybrid Tower
By Jürgen Joos, Chief Financial Officer, Max Bögl Wind, Germany

Dynamic Cables for Floating Offshore Wind
By David Young, IDCORE and ORE Catapult, and Lars Johanning, University of Exeter, UK

Evolution of Wind Resources Over the Last 30 to 45 Years
By Marion Jude, Eoltech, France

Scaling Up Offshore Turbine Platforms
Javier San Miguel Armendariz, Global Sales Director Wind Energy, Ingeteam, Spain

Windtech Future

OEMs are Shifting Towards Global Supply Chain Cost Optimisation at the Expense of Optimal Turbine Levelised Cost of Energy
By Philip Totaro, CEO of IntelStor, USA

View from Inside

World Health Organization Noise Recommendations for Wind Farms
By Stefan Gsänger, Secretary General, World Wind Energy Association, Germany


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