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An industry collaboration has developed a ‘Complex Flow Solver’ (CFS) that combines 50-point continuous wave lidar measurements, high-resolution open source computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling and powerful cloud computing to deliver the best available solution for bankable wind resource and energy yield assessment based on standalone lidar. The project has benefited from Horizon 2020 funding from the European Union. In the article on page 6 you can read more about this project.

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Will 2021 be the year of a green economic recovery?


Demonstrating Traceability and Proving Accuracy of a Lidar-Only Methodology
By Tristan Clarenc, Johannes Cordes, Alex Woodward, Scott Wylie

Less Bird Deaths with Black Wind Turbine Blades
By Staffan Engström, Managing Director, Ägir Konsult, Sweden

Wind Turbine Performance Optimisation
By Karl Fatrdla, Power Factors and Karl Fatrdla Consulting, Austria

Interconnected Grid as an Enabler of Carbon-Neutral Energy System
By Alexandre Oudalov, Market Innovation, Hitachi ABB Power Grids

Windtech Future

Drones or Robots for Blade Repair?
By Ahmad Hemami, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

View from Inside

Keeping Quality in Renewable Energy Project Development
By Rosa M. Tarragó, Strategy and Infrastructure Equity Specialist, Germany


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