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Working conditions in the field can be harsh. Installations are typically remote and subject to sudden and dramatic weather changes. The article written by Gavan Murphy, Director of Marketing EMEA, at Globalstar, looks at what can be done to enhance the welfare of staff working in such conditions and to make sure they can be rescued when necessary.

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Most new innovative technology will come from offshore wind turbines


Improving Safety With Satellites
By Gavan Murphy, Director of Marketing EMEA, Globalstar, Ireland

A Flexible, Craneless System for Wind Turbine Installation and Maintenance
By Emmanuel Garcia de la Pena, Managing Director, KoalaLifter, Spain

Sound-Based Condition Monitoring
By Juan Luis Ferrando, Senior Project Manager, Inesco Ingenieros, Spain

Reducing Fire Risks in Wind Power Plants
By Hans Benkert, CEO, rupi-Cologne, Germany

Windtech Future

Commercial Value of Data Has Increased Thanks to Digitalisation
By Philip Totaro, CEO of IntelStor, USA

View from Inside

The Advance of Craneless Technologies in the Wind Industry
By Thomas Lamberth Sandbjerg, Liftra, Denmark



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