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A large number of new offshore wind farm projects are planned, and their construction will raise many difficulties. Until now, only a handful of real offshore projects have been completed but experience gained during their construction has already indicated that offshore building activities will have their own specific challenges. On page 7 you will find an article from Ecofys about this topic. (Copyright Belwind/Ecofys)

Publisher's Note


Online Tool to Rule The Waves
By Nico Stolk and Pim Rooijmans, Ecofys, The Netherlands

Offshore Wind – Worth the Risk?
By Willow Outhwaite and Sarah Taigel, 4C Offshore Limited, UK

Integrated Height Safety System
By Jonathan Watson, Managing Director, Limpet Technology, UK

Adaptive Geometry
By Asfaw Beyene, Department of Mechanical Engineering, San Diego State University, USA

Company in Focus

Carlisle Industrial Brake & Friction
By Colm Gallagher, Marketing Manager, and Phil Rhead, Business Development Manager (Wind Energy), Carlisle Industrial Brake & Friction, UK

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