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Vortex Bladeless is a technology that uses the vortex effect. Basically, Vortex Bladeless consists of a conical cylinder fixed vertically on an elastic rod. The cylinder oscillates in the wind, which then generates electricity through a linear alternator’s system.The image on the cover shows a 6 metre height demonstration model of VORTEX installed in Spain. On page 6 you can read the full article about the technology.

Publisher's Note

Lack of policy support is the main barrier for small wind take-off



By David J. Yáñez Villarreal, David Suriol Puigvert and Raúl Martín Yunta, Vortex Bladeless, Spain

The Energy Train
By Wouter Engels, ECN, The Netherlands

Park Design and Grid Losses
By Thomas Blondot, Construction Project Manager, and Carla Vico, Operations Director, Greensolver, France


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Grids, Grid Names and Wind Turbines
Frits Ogg, Renewable Energy Consultant, The Netherlands



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