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The Wind Solar Alliance (WSA), formerly known as the Wind Energy Foundation, has a new name, reflecting an increased focus on rapidly deploying wind and solar energy in the USA. WSA has also expanded its board of directors to include experts on solar energy.
WSA will continue to focus on research, communication, and advocacy to raise awareness of the benefits of renewable energy. In addition, the organisation will give increased attention to addressing the need for policy changes in the Independent System Operators, Public Utility Commissions, and other venues that determine whether renewables will be given a fair opportunity to compete in the electricity marketplace.
Wind and solar power comprised about 50% of all new U.S. electric capacity additions in 2017, representing over US$ 25 billion in new investment. Wind and solar powered roughly 8% of the total US electricity consumption in the last year. However, a recent estimate suggested that the two industries would need to combine to add an average of nearly 40GW of new capacity each year through 2050 for the USA to uphold its international climate goals – more than twice the best year of deployment of wind and solar installations to date.
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