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The Offshore Wind Growth Partnership (OWGP) and the Sharing in Growth programme, both long-term business improvement programmes, are working together to develop a new £ 1.5 million Sharing in Growth – Offshore Wind programme that aims to improve the competitiveness of the UK offshore wind supply chain.
The programme is part of the Offshore Wind Industry Council-funded OWGP programme and will support the offshore wind industry to meet the targets laid out in its Sector Deal to increase UK content in new wind farm developments and achieve a fivefold increase in exports to £2.6bn a year by 2030.
Sharing in Growth is an intensive business transformation initiative that was established in 2012 to transform the productivity of the UK aerospace sector in the face increasing global competition. 
Combining experience from aerospace and the offshore wind sectors, a pilot programme for offshore wind will launch in January 2020 working with between five and ten companies. Following a full review of the participants business needs, an agreed programme of support will be delivered, tailored to the needs of the companies with the specific aim of increasing their competitiveness and productivity within the offshore wind sector.

The programme requires strong commitment from a company’s management team.  It focusses on all aspects of the company that contribute to productivity, from leadership and culture through to operations and logistics. The programme will last for between one and three years depending on the needs of the company and can involve dedicated advisors, operations and manufacturing experts.
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