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In the eleventh edition of the WEtix report, the positive assessments given six months ago for Germany, Europe, North America and Asia remain largely unchanged.
Following a slight downturn during the last six-month assessment period, the latest survey shows a minute improvement. Asia and North America in particular are continuing their upward trend while results for Europe and the rest of the world are slightly down. In Germany, the situation in offshore wind has improved while onshore has declined somewhat; however, after the poor assessments seen in past years, the generally positive mood remains intact. For the first time, Australia, South America and Africa, summarily referred to as “rest of world” in this report, take last place. The importance of training and continued education is seen as very high, especially in the onshore segment. Respondents continue to see high saving potential in new technologies, surprisingly expecting turbine output to further increase significantly. These are summary results of the new WindEnergy trend:index (WEtix) which has been compiled and published at six-month intervals since 2018. It is published jointly by WindEnergy Hamburg and wind:research.
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