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AWS Truepower has released a new installment of its windTrends Bulletin, a quarterly analytical wind report. Produced in partnership with AWS Truepower’s European office, the report reviews wind patterns in the USA and Europe for the third quarter of 2010 based on AWS Truepower’s windTrends meteorological data set.

The report reveals that the majority of Europe experienced mean wind speeds as much as 10% below the long-term average for the same quarter, with the exception of a few pockets of relatively windy conditions including Ireland and the United Kingdom. These patterns reflected the influence of the Azores high-pressure system and other weather patterns on pressure gradients and storm tracks. Conversely, factors in the United States such as a negative North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) index, a positive Pacific-North American (PNA) pattern, and emerging La Niña contributed to noticeably intensified wind speeds for many wind development hot-spots. The full report is available online:
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