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After almost ten years, IEC 61400-1 is being revised. The internationally standard deals with the technical requirements for the design of wind turbines and is published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).
Edition 4 of the IEC 61400-1 now also takes into account the effect of low temperatures, increased air density or ice accretion, especially on rotor blades. Until now, IEC 61400-1 has regarded control and protection systems essentially as separate systems. Alongside the existing procedure, the revision now offers the option of taking into account a safety-oriented programmed control system that integrates the tasks of the protection system directly into the operational management process. As a member of the IEC, TÜV NORD was involved in the revision of the standard in collaboration with an international team from the science and business sectors. Due to the size of the international group of interested parties, the multi-year technical revision of the design requirements took place mainly in national “mirror committees” which collaborated actively in the co-determination of the text for the standard.
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