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23 governments have collectively launched new plans to catalyse action and spearhead a decade of innovation to drive global investment in clean energy research, development and demonstrations.
The goal is to make clean energy affordable, attractive and accessible for all this decade, to accelerate action towards the Paris Agreement and net zero pathways. Mission Innovation 2.0 is the second phase of the global Mission Innovation initiative, launched alongside the Paris Agreement at the 2015 COP21 conference. Its members – collectively responsible for over 90% of global public investment in clean energy innovation – are committed to increase investment and collaboration to deliver the technologies needed to overcome the world’s most difficult climate challenges. 
A series of new Missions will accelerate the frontiers of innovation and drive down the cost of technologies by driving public-private action in areas critical to global clean energy transitions, starting with power systems, clean hydrogen and shipping.
Each Mission is led by a coalition of countries and brings together governments and the private sector to focus innovation efforts. The Missions are underpinned by a new global Innovation Platform to strengthen confidence and awareness in emerging innovations and maximize the impact of national investments. 
Green Powered Future – led by UK, Italy and China, to demonstrate power systems in different geographies and climates able to integrate up to 100% variable renewable energy, such as wind and solar, by 2030. 
Clean Hydrogen – led by Australia, Chile, the UK and European Union, to make clean hydrogen cost competitive by reducing costs to USD $2 per kilogram by 2030. 
Zero-Emission Shipping – led by Denmark, the US and Norway, for ships capable of running on zero-emission fuels to make up at least 5% of the global deep-sea fleet by 2030. 
Innovation Platform – will build global confidence in emerging clean energy solutions by tracking innovation progress, enhancing knowledge-exchange and collaboration and working with investors, innovators and end-users to accelerate technologies to market.
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