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The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) has announced the launch of the Offshore Wind Policy and Market Assessment Outlook. This report is a crucial link to facilitating the development of a roadmap for offshore wind power in India.

The report was developed as a part of the FOWIND (Facilitating Offshore Wind in India) project launched by the GWEC led consortium  in December 2013. The report reviews the experiences to date in offshore wind markets (Belgium, China, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom) as well as puts the offshore wind sector in a larger context of the industry as a whole. Although the technical, economic and actual ground conditions for offshore wind will be unique to each country, this FOWIND report seeks to draw out relevant policy and regulatory lessons for India. The specific objectives of the project are to create an enabling environment for offshore wind through resource mapping and validation, policy guidance and capacity building measures, and to assess the infrastructure base and identify improvements required. In addition, the project will seek to build partnerships at a technical, policy and research level both within India and between India and EU companies, research groups and institutions, with a final goal of developing an Offshore Wind Outlook and development pathway for India up to 2032.

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