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E.ON will be one of the first companies to stabilise the German electricity grid with wind power. This is made possible by the integration of a wind farm into E.ON’s Virtual Power Plant.

E.ON has obtained pre-qualification for a customer wind farm in the Vorpommern-Greifswald administrative district in the federal state of Mecklenburg-Western Pommerania from the transmission system operator, 50Hertz. This is the precondition for being able to participate in the control energy market and has previously only been reserved for generators, who feed in continuously and reliably. In order to achieve this for wind energy, the electricity of the wind farm in Brandenburg is first incorporated by the Virtual Power Plant. In this system, E.ON bundles 3,800MW generation output from various renewable and industrial sources. This way, sufficient capacity which the grid can access is always available. In a first step, E.ON will provide negative tertiary balancing power in the amount of 26MW. It has only been technically possible to participate in the control energy market with energy from wind turbines for just over a year. The process is now being tested in practice in a two-year pilot phase. E.ON Connecting Energies will be one of the first companies to participate in this pilot phase.

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