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Based on internal research and development, DNV GL’s view is that 10 technology trends in materials, wind, solar, electricity storage, data-communications and power electronics will create a new power reality, transforming our existing power systems.

Today, large generating plants and passive components still dominate the power system. That time is over. In the next 10 years, the new power landscape will be a hybrid of large and small scale elements: large scale renewable generating plants and super grids which move power over long distances and micro grids and energy producing buildings where end-users have an active role. Renewable generation will become the safest investment choice and dominate power generation new builds. Windturbines will be larger and smarter. Turbine sizes will continue to increase and include light, flexible blades and aerodynamic control devices. Second, aerodynamic control devices, innovations in transmission systems, new sensors and smart control systems, will ensure new turbines better utilise the available wind and react to the needs of the electricity grid.

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