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An all-new global wind farm Technical Specification is being proposed to The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) - IEC61400-28, Through life management and life extension of wind farms. It introduces the concept of independent verification of the strategies for equipment maintenance throughout the entire life-cycle of a wind farm.

If this latest IEC Technical Specification is approved by the IEC Committee, a key objective will be to establish independent guidance on best practices for wind farm operations. Throughout a typical life-cycle of a wind farm, it is anticipated that qualitative and quantitative information would be collated and assessed to improve decisions on equipment performance, farm operation and maintenance. The aim is to provide impartial and independent assistance to all wind farm stakeholders as they weigh up decisions about retrofitting, re-powering or life extension. These insights can be gained from a thorough assessment of the condition of all operating systems in a wind farm as the plant ages. The proposed Technical Specification will be discussed at the forthcoming meeting of the IEC’s Technical Committee, TC-88 in Glasgow in April. The initiative is being supported by Lloyd’s Register (LR).

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