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China’s wind power can reach 230GW of installed capacity by 2020 according to China Wind Power Outlook 2010, a new report jointly released by Greenpeace, the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA), and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC). In 2009, China led the world in newly installed wind-energy devices, reaching a capacity of 13.8 GW (10,129 turbines). In terms of overall capacity, China ranks second, at 25.8 GW.

The report projects that by 2020, China’s total wind power capacity will reach at least 150GW, possibly up to 230GW. Compared to multinationals, many Chinese companies are young and lack a strong basis for research and development. Despite a renewable energy policy requiring grid companies to purchase all electricity from wind farms, access to wind power for the grid is frequently lagging behind an unstable, out-dated grid infrastructure. There is also the problem of a lack of incentives and penalties for grid companies, and slow progress in more wind energy technologies. Greenpeace calls for the national government to implement a clear and definitive long-term plan for wind power, including an ambitious development target. Economic incentive policies should involve, and coordinate, all stakeholders, including local governments, power companies, grid companies, and domestic and foreign manufacturers. Critically, the national grid needs a massive overhaul, while stable pricing for wind power should be guaranteed in order to encourage wind energy developers.
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