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The world market for wind turbines saw robust growth in the first half of the year 2010, with approximately 16GW of new capacity added worldwide.

Again China represents by far the largest market and added 7,800MW within only six months, reaching total installations of almost 34GW. The USA, still number one in total capacity with 36GW, saw a major decrease in new installations and added only 1,200MW, followed by India. The five major European markets showed similar growth: Germany added 660MW, France and the UK 500MW, Italy 450MW and Spain 400MW.

The total capacity of all wind turbines installed worldwide reached 175 Gigawatt in mid-2010, compared with 159 Gigawatt by the end of 2009. WWEA expects that the market for new turbines will reach a size between 35 and 40GW in 2010. With this increase, the global capacity will reach almost 200GW by the end of this year. With an expected total increase of 15GW in 2010, China will most likely become the number one country in terms of total capacity by the end of 2010, thus surpassing the USA.
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