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A Study of Torsional Reversals Caused Through Wind Events and Operating Conditions

Aerotorque-Figure-1Although wind turbines have been around for decades, recent research has been focused on what occurs with a wind turbine under various wind conditions. It is understood anecdotally that high gusts and turbulent winds can add to the chance of breakdown of wind turbine equipment and lead to an increase in O&M and capital costs. Ridgeline and downwind turbines see higher O&M costs. Most of the earlier focus was on the effects on blades and tower structures. New data shows how the entire drive-train sees an impact from these transient events. Drive-train torque monitoring on various turbine models has shown that an asymmetrical torque control device reduces the damaging loads and helps extend turbine life.

By Doug Herr, General Manager, AeroTorque Corp., USA

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