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Measurements of Angular Velocity, Pitch Angle and Perpendicularity of Individual Rotor Blades
ImageThe ever-increasing strain on the traditional exploration of natural resources to provide for the worldwide demand for energy is paving the way for the wind turbine sector. We are seeing a dramatic increase in the number and size of wind turbines, producing more watts by the day. Our sector has no shortage of technological needs, but no shortage of creative minds either. Nowadays, commercial and academic institutions are reaping the benefits of joint developments. One of many exciting new developments combines the hands-on knowledge of wind turbine mechanics with photosensor technology. This article details a reliable and accurate method for measuring angular velocities, rotor blade pitch angles and the perpendicularity of individual rotor blades using vision technology. The necessary technology is packaged into a commercial service for quick and cost-effective monitoring.

By Joris Goos, Delft Vision and Geodelta, and Gerard Ruesink and Ivo Lubbers, Compositive Works, The Netherlands
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