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Reducing the Cost of Energy by Reducing Overall Cost of the System

rashidiResearchers at Cleveland State University (CSU), an urban school in Cleveland, Ohio, have designed a wind tower system that is aligned with the small distributed wind energy systems initiative of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy of the US Department of Energy. The patented system is designed to facilitate the conversion of wind energy into useable electricity at locations where the wind speed is relatively low, and where conventional wind turbines do not yield significant amounts of electrical power. One of the goals of this research project at CSU is to reduce the cost for generating electricity via reducing the overall cost of the system. As a result of the unique modular attributes of the design the system can be scaled up along its vertical axis, while at the same time keeping its footprint and the size of its individual turbines unchanged for different targeted power ratings.

By Dr Majid Rashidi, Cleveland State University (CSU), USA

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