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Promotional Distribution 2020

Windtech International is distributed at major international conferences and exhibitions for promotional purposes. This promotional distribution will be extended during the year.
Edition   International event    Date
Jan./Feb.   Winterwind 2020, Are, Sweden   Feb. 3-5
    AWEA Wind Project O&M and Safety, Coronado, CA, USA   Feb. 26-27
  Wind Expo 2020, Tokyo, Japan   Feb. 26-28
    Mexico Wind Power 2020, Mexico City   March 4-5
 March/April   AWEA Wind Project Siting and Environmental Compliance, Washington, DC, USA   April 7-9
    Windergy India 2020, Greater Noida, India   April 28-30
 May/June   All Energy 2020, Glasgow, UK   May 13-14
    Global Offshore Wind Summit – China, Guangdong, China   June 1-2
    Cleanpower 2020, Denver, CO, USA   June 1-4
  Brazil Wind Power 2020, Sao Paulo, Brazil   June 2-4
    Vietnam Windpower, Hanoi, Vietnam   June 11-12
    Global Offshore Wind 2020, Manchester, UK   June 16-17
July/August   Argentina Wind Power 2020, Buenos Aires, Argentina   Sept. 2-3
Sept./Oct.   WindEnergy Hamburg 2020, Hamburg, Germany   Sept.22-25
    WindEurope Conference 2020, Hamburg, Germany   Sept.22-25
    Global Offshore wind Summit - Japan   Oct 1-2
    Global Offshore Wind Summit – Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan   Oct. 12-13
  China WindPower 2020, Beijing, China   Oct. 19-23
  Offshore Windpower 2019, Boston, MA, USA   Oct. 22-23
    Windaba, Cape Town, South Africa   Oct. 6-8
Nov./Dec.   Colombia Windpower, Bogotá, Colombia   Nov. 18
    AWEA Clean Energy Executive Summit, USA   Dec. 1-3


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