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Peter RaeThe General Assembly of the World Wind Energy Association has re-elected Hon. Peter Rae AO for another two year term as WWEA President. The WWEA General Assembly took place in Malmö, on the occasion of the 16th World Wind Energy Conference WWEC2017. 

The WWEA General Assembly also elected the Vice Presidents of the association:

  • Prof. Dr. Chuichi Arakawa, Japan
  • Mr Heinrich Bartelt, Germany
  • Mr Gadi Hareli, Israel
  • Prof. Dr. Jami Hossain, India
  • Dr. Andriy Konechenkov, Ukraine
  • Prof. Dr. Galal Osman, Egypt
  • Mr Qin Haiyan, China
  • Prof. Dr. Choong-Yul Son, South Korea
  • Dr. Ibrahim Togola, Mali
  • Prof. Dr. Tanay Sidki Uyar, Turkey
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