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ImageWind Prospect Pty Ltd has scored an Australian record with the most megawatts of wind power approved in the country in 2004. The recent approval of 260MW for the Hallett Wind Farm development in South Australia brings the total to 520MW for Wind Prospect for the year, by adding to the 260MW of its recent Barunga Wind Farm go-ahead, 90MW of which was approved on behalf of a client. Located on farmland in South Australia’s mid-north region, the Hallett development will consist of at least four wind farms with up to 45 turbines on each, making 130 turbines in total. Those recently approved are the Brown Hill Range, the Bluff Range, Willogoleche Hill and Hallett Hill Wind Farms. The energy supplied by the turbines will enable around 130,000 houses to have their domestic power needs sourced from clean, green electricity.
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