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ImageNRG Systems, Inc., manufacturer of wind assessment systems for the global wind energy industry, celebrated the grand opening of its new 46,000 square foot (more than 4,000 m2) manufacturing facility and office building with an open house in October. The US$ 8 million building, located in Vermont, is powered primarily by renewable energy and features the latest in energy efficiency technology and green building design.
Two-thirds of the building’s electricity is supplied by a 67kW solar photovoltaic installation, which will avoid the emission of up to 105,000 pounds (nearly 50 tonnes) of carbon dioxide annually. The US$ 450,000 solar installation is the largest of its kind in Vermont. The building will also use another renewable resource – wood pellets made from lumber milling waste – for its heating needs.

Conventional buildings use more than three times as much energy as this building. Water-saving devices, such as dual-flushing toilets and faucet (tap) aerators, will save more than 100,000 gallons (~380,000 litres) of water per year.

According to NRG Systems, the cost of building to green standards was US$ 13.81 per square foot or 8.21% more. NRG expects these additional costs to be paid for in 5 years. In addition to the building’s green features, the new facility includes greatly expanded space to accommodate NRG’s administrative and sales offices, shipping, manufacturing, tower production and assembly areas, with more than four times the area of its former facility. NRG also plans to develop recreation paths around its facility and eventually throughout Hinesburg for community use.
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