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Vestas has announced plans to manufacture its newest turbine for the U.S. market, the V163-4.5 MW, in its Brighton Nacelles and Windsor Blades factories, Colorado, USA.
Vestas plans to invest $40 million in its two Colorado factories for building expansions, production equipment, and new blade molds. Vestas expects to hire between 800 and 1,000 local employees to support the manufacturing efforts at both the blades and nacelle factories. Hiring at the blades factory will begin this year and hiring for the nacelles factory is targeted for 2024. Vestas's Windsor Blades factory is expected to begin manufacturing the V163-4.5 MW turbine this year with the Brighton Nacelles factory targeting production in 2024. Both factories will continue to support the production of its 2 MW platform and the Brighton Nacelles facility will continue producing its V150-4.5 MW turbine.