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This summer saw the launch of a communication operation regarding the plans to develop an eco-technology park at the Le Carnet port facility, located on the south bank of the Loire Estuary. The aim is to offer project initiators from France and abroad the chance to come forward. This stage in the process is intended to consolidate the development of the zone. Project initiators have until 29th November to make themselves known and to lay out their requirements.

The criteria to be met include the fact that the proposed project contains an environmental technology component involving fluvio-maritime traffic. From the end of November, the different proposals will be examined in collaboration with the project initiators concerned.
Located in the South Estuary Community District, the port facility has 395 hectares of land reserves. The future eco-technology park will cover an area of 110 hectares. The remaining 285 hectares will be preserved and restored. The regeneration of these natural spaces forms the subject of a close collaboration with Central Government agencies and environmental interest groups. The site has all the requisite planning authorizations, including on an environmental level, under the terms of a Prefectural Authority order dated 5th July 2017. The site development operations could be set in motion as of 2020.
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