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In response to the continuing high demand for wind turbines worldwide, Siemens Wind Power A/S is expanding its production capacity. With this aim, the company has acquired a former LM Glasfiber factory at Engesvang in Denmark for manufacturing rotor blades.

Siemens is investing heavily in the assembly plant at its headquarters in Brande and in the rotor blade manufacturing facility in Aalborg to obtain a further increase in capacity. The total investment volume amounts to more than € 50 million. The new factory in Engesvang, with floor space of 18,000 square metres, is located halfway between the assembly plant at division headquarters in Brande and the rotor blade manufacturing facility in Aalborg. Series production of rotor blades in Engesvang is scheduled to begin in early 2006. The blade factory will use the IntegralBlade technology patented by Siemens. With this technology, the blades are cast in one piece in a single step from glass-fibre-reinforced epoxy resin in a closed, environmentally compatible process.
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